Размещение в Финляндии до родов и после родов



1. Loft Hyvinkää www.lofthyvinkaa.fi.

2. Majoitus Makkonen www.majoitusmakkonen.fi.

3. Forenom www.forenom.fi.

4. Kytäjä Golf www.kytajagolf.fi


1. Scandic Järvenpää www.scandichotels.fi.

2. Scandic Riihimäki www.scandichotels.fi.

Women’s Hospital in Helsinki


Forenom offers high quality furnished apart­ments. These home-like apart­hotels are well suited for our Child­birth customers.
The nearest Forenom apartment to Women’s Hospital (5 minutes by tram) is:
Forenom Huopalahti
Manner­hei­mintie 170, 00280 Helsinki

As a HYKSin customer you are entitled to a 10% discount on your booking. Ask for a discount code from our customer service and when booking for a longer time, please contact Forenom’s customer service.

Customer service 24/​​7 tel:  +358 20 198 3420
Web: www.forenom.com


Scandic Meilahti
Tukhol­mankatu 2, 00250 Helsinki.
Hotel tel. +358 9 6899 9028
Reser­vation center tel. +358 200 818 00
Web: www.scandichotels.com

A modern and comfor­table hotel within 5-minutes walk from Women’s hospital.

This hotel serves also as a “Family nest” hotel for Child­birth package women who have had a normal delivery and wish to spend the rest of the delivery ward time here together with her family.

Loft Hyvinkää www.lofthy­vinkaa.fi
Majoitus Makkonen www.majoi­tus­mak­konen.fi
Forenom www.forenom.fi
Kytäjä Golf www.kytajagolf.fi Sari Tani +358 05 376 2790.

Scandic Järvenpää www.scandic­hotels.fi
Scandic Riihimäki www.scandic­hotels.fi