Nephrology covers diagnostics of kidney diseases and their non-surgical treatment. We offer nephrology specialist’s appointments and examinations. In addition we offer dialysis treatment for travellers.

Dialysis treatment in Helsin­ki for travellers

We offer dialysis treatment for patients with chronic renal or metabolic diseases. Our services fit especially patients who are temporarily staying in Finland or visiting a short time. The services are arranged in collaboration with BBraun dialysis departments situated in Helsinki (Malmi and Pitäjänmäki areas).

Further instructions and booking

Please contact our Customer Service tel. +358 10 328 1900 (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm) or email:

Good to know

The following information is needed at latest one week before the treatment

  • “Referral” ie. treatment instructions from your own treatment place (in English)
  • Reasults of laboratory tests taken during last four weeks (Customer Service gives instructions of the specifically needed tests)
  • HYKSin’s patient information forms filled in

More information

Please ask for more information from Customer Service. We are happy to help you.