Childbirth Services

For a mother, Finland is one of the safest and most reliable choices in the world to give birth. HYKSin provides professional, high quality delivery packages with a warm and caring touch. Our fixed priced delivery package includes everything for a safe and comfortable delivery.


Finland is a clean, safe and beautiful country with friendly and honest people. We produce top quality and safe health care services with outstanding, internationally recognized, treatment results. In 2015 Finland was once again nominated among the best countries for mother and child by Save the Children –organization. Learn more about the report on page 9.


When giving birth in HYKSin, the mother feels safe and well looked after. Our comprehensive and fixed priced childbirth package covers everything the mother and baby needs.

First visit can take place any time from pregnancy week 12 but before week 36 and includes:
● Doctor’s appointment and examination, doctor is always specialized in gynecology and obstetrics
● Ultrasound examination performed by the doctor to clarify the status of the pregnancy
● All needed laboratory tests to find out any viruses the mother might carry
● Midwife’s appointment
● Individual plan for monitoring the pregnancy and childbirth
Please note that all appointments are during weekdays in the evenings.

Price for first visit is 1000 €.

Childbirth covers checkups from week 36 onwards and everything the mother and baby needs during the hospital stay:
● All needed appointments of midwife from week 36 onwards (normally once a week)
● If needed appointments with doctor
● Hospital ward stay when expecting the delivery to start soon
● Needed hospital clothing during the whole stay (robes, hospital clothes, underwear, socks)
● Meals (three meals a day), snacks and drinks
● Starting of the delivery if not starting naturally
● Actual vaginal delivery or caesarean section as planned (if there is a sudden need for caesarean section, there will be no extra charge)
● All pain relieve medication/methods during delivery (see a list of pain treatment methods)
● Necessary injections for baby (Vitamin K is given always, BCG according to mother’s wish)
● Postnatal stay at ward full board (up to 5 days at regular ward)
● A peditrician’s examination of the baby before discharge

Price for vaginal delivery 7500 € (vaginal delivery is always the primary method)
Planned caesarean section 9500 € (according to doctor’s evaluation if vaginal delivery is not suitable)

Twin pregnancy is subject to separate invoicing.
Demanding care and procedures (excluding caesarean section see above) as well as care at intensive ward are invoiced separately.


After first visit until pregnancy week 36 the need for single visits and examinations are optional and dependent of the individual monitoring plan. They are not included in the package price ie. are invoiced separately.

  • An appointment by midwife (60 min) 94 €
  • Appointment with a physician (45 min) 194 €
  • An ultrasound examination 180 €

Needed laboratory tests and imaging studies are also subject to separate invoicing, as are any procedures. All fees are charged in advance, please see our terms of service.


Our childbirth services take place in peaceful and modern Hyvinkää Hospital just outside Helsinki. We follow the WHO’s and UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, according to which we aim to create the best possible conditions for breastfeeding and engaging in early interaction. Read more about Hyvinkää Hospital and see a virtual presentation of the hospital here.


Women with no serious diseases can give birth at Hyvinkää Hospital. If the mother suffers from one of the following conditions: super obesity (BMI≥45), type I diabetes, myasthenia gravis, haemorrhagic disorder, triplet pregnancy, alcohol and/or drug addiction, or serious general diseases (cardiac, renal, liver etc.), please contact Customer Service.


Vaginal delivery is always the primary method, if medically justified. A caesarean section is possible if certain medical criteria is met.


In treatment of labour pain, mother’s individual wishes and needs are taken into consideration. Read more about wide range of different pain treatment methods.


We recommend that, after being discharged from the hospital, the mother and baby stay in Finland for at least a week, during which time the treating physician will see the family one more time.


A newborn baby is written a birth certificate with the midwife’s signature and the hospital stamp. A normal procedure is that the baby is registrated in Finland in the consulate of the family’s country. Please ask for more information from the respective consulate beforehand, so that you can take all necessary documents with you when coming for the delivery.


For the accommodation we recommend our partners in Hyvinkää. A mother can also stay elsewhere (eg. in Helsinki 50 km from Hyvinkää) but for mother’s convenience we recommend staying as near Hyvinkää Hospital as possible. Please find more information about our accommodation partners here.


Our service starts by contacting Customer Service or +358 10 328 1900.
Customer Service sends you a form to fill in of you can select and download the Pregnancy Information Form here. Once you have returned the form, our Customer Service will book an appointment for your first visit.


Helsinki University Hospital has prepared a video package of childbirth stages including many useful things like the beginning of labour, dilation stage, spinal and epidural anaesthesia, C-section postnatal care and much more. Clic to see the videos.