Anesthesia refers to painlessness brought about by means of general or local anesthesia or some other medication, which enables an operation to be performed while the patient’s vital functions remain stable. An anesthesiologist customizes safe anesthesia for each patient case by case, and teaming with an anesthetic nurse, keeps the patient’s condition stable during the operation and follow-up treatment.

Intensive care for severely ill patients is also included in the anesthesiologist’s job description. Intensive and intermediate care units treat patients suffering from injuries or severe organ system disorders, and they provide follow-up treatment for patients who have undergone extensive surgery. An anesthesiologist is also specialized in short-term and chronic pain management.

Medical services provided by HYKSin Oy entail procedures to be performed chiefly under anesthesia. A significant number of our anesthesiologists have acquired further specialization in fields such as neuroanesthesiology (cerebral patients), cardiac anesthesiology or pediatric anesthesiology. Our anesthesiologists are accustomed to treating patients of various ages and conditions.

The anesthesiologist meets the patient before the operation, usually at a preoperative outpatient clinic, where the patient’s condition is comprehensively evaluated. This involves planning appropriate anesthesia for the procedure and follow-up treatment along with pain medication, taking the patient’s wishes into consideration. The potential risks of surgery and anesthesia are evaluated as well. In this evaluation, we utilize the support of other specialists as needed. During the entire period of hospital treatment, the anesthesiologist will also give an opinion on any sudden changes in the patient’s condition.

HYKSin Oy’s anesthesiologists are experienced specialists working at HUH, accustomed to treating patients with multiple conditions. Comparing anesthesiology and intensive care internationally, Finland ranks among the tops.

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