If you need urgent medical care, contact either a private clinic or seek into your nearest hospital.

The emergency number 112 can be used in situations requiring an ambulance. You will be served in English, Swedish and Finnish. You can make the call from any phone and no area code is needed.


The emergency number 112 can be used in situations requiring an ambulance. Taxi drivers are usually rather well-informed about locations and functions of different ERs.


In Helsinki University Hospital there are several emergency hospitals providing specialised emergency care.

Meilahti Hospital takes care of cardiac, gastroenterological and neurologic symptoms. Töölö Hospital provides treatment for severe trauma (incl. burns). Eye and Ear problems are diagnosed and treated in Eye and Ear Hospital. Children are taken care in Children’s Hospital and women in Women’s Hospital. Jorvi Hospital serves all patients in Espoo and Peijas Hospital patients in Vantaa. You may find more information on University Hospital website or phone +358 9 4711. For locations of the hospitals, see here.

General practitioner (GP) health problems (such as flu, ear ache, back ache, etc.) which do not require urgent care should be treated at the open daycare clinics or private clinics. We recommend you to contact some private clinic such as Mehiläinen or Terveystalo.

If you do not have permanent residency in Finland nor European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you are expected to cover expenses for emergency care either by yourself or by your insurance. If you do have an insurance, please call either your insurance company or assistance organization as soon as possible. There usually is 24/7 contact information in your insurance card or other certificate.

HYKSin manages all ER invoices for international patients in Helsinki University Hospital. If you have questions regarding invoicing, you can contact our Customer Service.


We created a brochure to help visitors in acute service needs. Please download it here. The brochure is in English and in Russian.