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Helsinki university hospital

International patient services

Why choose HYKSin?

  • Biggest and most versatile hospital in Finland
  • Experienced university hospital specialists
  • No long waiting times
  • Latest evidence based treatment methods
  • Modern equipment and facilities
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HYKSin provides Helsinki University Hospital high quality care for international patients. Our patients are treated by the most experienced specialists of the hospital. Services are produced in the univeristy hospitals by utilizing their modern equipment and facilties.

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Examine suspicious heart symptoms

Not all heart problems come with a clear warning sign. If your are not sure, get it checked out. Let our experienced professionals help you. Book an appointment to a cardiologist already today.

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Enlarged prostate: several treatment options

Let our specialists help you with your prostate problem and in choosing the right treatment for you. Book an appointment to our skilled urologist and worry no more.

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