Contact information

+358 10 328 1900 Fax: +358 9 454 4104

Customer Service and telephone operator tel. +358 10 328 1900

Customer Service Mon-Fri 9-15 (9 am-3 pm) Finnish time UTC+2
Telephone operator Mon-Fri 7-20 (7 am-8 pm) Finnish time UTC +2

If Customer Service is occupied, the operator answers the call. If desired, the operator will forward a message or a callback request.

Fax +358 9 454 4104
Secured e-mail: Secured e-mail

Appointment Secretary Mon-Thu 15.00-20.00 (3-8 pm)

Telephone +358 (0)29 3700 066
Secretary helps and advices patients coming to appointments.

Secured e-mail for confidential messages

Please send messages including patient information and other personal information via Secured e-mail. Due to legislation we can not answer normal e-mail containing confidential information as the confidentiality can not be guaranteed in an open network.

Note 1:  when contacting HYKSin for the first time via Secured e-mail, please submit your mobile number in the message, so that we can send a password.

Note 2 : only Latin characters can be used, not eg. Cyrillic letters.

Instructions to receive Secured e-mail.
Instruction to send Secured e-mail.

More information about the Secure e-mail can be found in English from the service provider’s webpages.

Address for Customer Service Office
HYKSin Customer Service
Tukholmankatu 8 A, 7th floor, (building Biomedicum 2 A)
00290 Helsinki, Finland

Please note that doctor’s appointments and treatments take place in Helsinki University Hospitals. HYKSin Customer Service will send individual instructions to find the way to the respective hospital.

Booking and Cancelling of Appointments

Appointment can be booked via Customer Service telephone
+358 328 1900 or via Secured e-mail.
Please note the a cancellation of an appointment needs to be done 24 hours (1 day) before the appointment time by telephone of Secured email. Non-cancelled or late cancellations are invoiced in full.

General inquiries containing non-confidential information can be send to Customer Service via regular e-mail or by using the form below.
Confidential inquiries are to be done per phone or via Secured e-mail.


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  • Call back request